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Tropico 5 – First impressions

I’ve been a fan of the Tropico franchise for a long time and couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest incarnation – Tropico 5. Tropico has always been witty, rich in detail and content, and one of the most satisfying strategy games around, and Tropico 5 (so far) seems like a pretty good update to the franchise.

Tropico 5 1

The GUI has been overhauled substantially, which can be confusing if you’re coming from Tropico 3 or 4. The information is still there – you may just have to look for it in a different place. Sometimes that’s less convenient, but after ten minutes or so I found myself getting used to the new interface.

Tropico 5 2

The new construction menus threw me at first but now I’m used to them I love them. New buildings, new resources to exploit, trade routes, dynastic progression – and the artwork for the menus looks great.

Tropico 5 4

The visuals have been revamped and, to be honest, I think they’ve lost a little of that Tropico flair. The game does play more smoothly on my PC than Tropico 4 but it does feel ‘flat’ and the resource overlays are clumsy.

Impressions so far? Overall I like it, and it’s a good addition to the Tropico franchise. Maybe with more gameplay even the ocean waves will grow on me.

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