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Sims 2 Ultimate and CCleaner

sims-2-ea Like many people, I downloaded Sims 2 Ultimate when EA released it. I’ve loved the franchise since the original game was released, but try as I might I’ve never gotten along with Sims 3. My original Sims 2 game had stopped working – for whatever reason – when I got a new graphics card so I’d, reluctantly, consigned the game to the scrapheap before Ultimate reignited my love for what is still an engrossing game.

However, I also have CCleaner – a great little program but one that has a nasty effect on Origin games if you run the registry cleaner. Tears were shed when my game failed to start, and I was staring into the abyss of reinstalling when I decided to try restoring my CCleaner registry backup*.

Problem solved.

(*Go to your backup file, right-click, and choose Merge).

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