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When vampires attack … and how to fix it

Finally getting on my feet after some fairly major surgery (sporting injuries: don’t do them), I’m playing Skyrim for the 3rd time. Which is great, and the replayability of the game (with LifeAnotherLife) amazes me, but I ran into a problem I haven’t had before thanks to a vampire attack in Whiterun, namely the deaths of Belethor, Ulfberth, and Adrienne. Now that’s a problem for a new character!

Luckily the solution is pretty simple. For each character, go into the console and type:

  • prid <reference ID>
  • resurrect
  • moveto 14

Job done! (RefIDs can be easily obtained from UESP)

Adrienne resurrected without issue, however Belethor and Ulfberth then wouldn’t sell to me. This is solved by going into the console again, clicking on the NPC, and typing:

  • addtofaction 51596 1

The ability to use console commands is, yet again, invaluable!

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