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Why tablets are killing PCs – a few years ago I would have disagreed vehemently with anyone who suggested that one day I’d be spending more time on my iPad than I ever do on my laptop, but over the last two years in particular it’s become a big part of my life and my laptop is mostly gathering dust in a cupboard.

The desktop PC still gets plenty of use – for gaming, and a couple of applications that only run on Windows. “Serious” writing gets done on the desktop too, thanks to Scrivener. Everything else? Well, I could get out the laptop, plug it in (the battery life is terrible), wait for it to boot, wait for it to find a wifi signal … or I could pick up my iPad and with a couple of clicks do what I want.

In the morning I read the news on my iPad while I eat my breakfast. I use it to write and keep on top of my emails while I’m on long train journeys. I watch TV on it when I’m stuck in hotel rooms (thank you, iPlayer). I keep it next to my desk so I can quickly research and reference while writing fullscreen on the desktop. It works for me in a way my laptop never did. And tablets in general seem to work for a lot of people, from the technically literate to people who do just need email and access to Facebook.

I’ll freely admit to being a geek. I love it when technology makes people’s lives better, even if it’s in a relatively minor way.

NB: I’ve never owned an Android tablet so I have no idea what they’re like or how they compare. I have no strong feelings either way.


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