Robin Hood and Jane Eyre

Hathersage 1 A first-time visitor to the Peak District could do much worse than starting out in the historic village of Hathersage, with its wealth of history and easy access to glorious countryside, but every now and then I get reminded that it’s worth repeat visiting too – not just a waypoint on a journey to somewhere else!

The Robin Hood connection comes from Little John of Hathersage, buried in the churchyard. The Peak District is littered with sites linked to Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest in those days would have stretched far further north than it does now) and Loxley, to the west of Sheffield and just eight miles from Hathersage, is often cited as his birthplace.

The Jane Eyre connection is slightly better-documented: in 1845 Charlotte Bronte came to stay at the vicarage and Hathersage would provide rich pickings for inspiration. The surname Eyre was that of a prominent local family, and other local landmarks became incorporated into Jane Eyre.

With plenty of facilities (including an outdoor swimming pool), Hathersage makes a good base for a day out or a longer stay in the Peaks, with easy access to the Hope Valley and the Upper Derwent Valley.


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