Filter and sort

One of the hardest – and yet simultaneously the best – parts about moving house is sorting through my book collection and splitting them into three distinct categories: books I actively enjoy and will read again, books I dislike and can go to the charity shop, and books that are old/in poor condition and need to be thrown away.

I’ve been guilty of being far too lenient in the past, and so the house is full of books that, realistically, I won’t read again and, in many cases, don’t even like. Even so, it’s hard to be ruthless. Hard to set aside the thought that maybe, one day, I might like that book.

Nowadays I buy far more books for my Kindle than I do physical books, and there doesn’t seem to be quite the same connection: I can delete disliked books from my Kindle without a qualm. It’s just the pesky paper versions I find so difficult to part with.


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